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Why Everyone Needs Fish Oil

Why Everyone Needs Fish Oil 0

Why Everyone Needs Fish Oil

Which nutrient helps alleviate the pain of inflammatory conditions such as arthritis,[1] supports brain and skin health and also reduces the risk of chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease?[2] Not sure? Here’s a hint: it’s found in seafood and is particularly abundant in fish. If you answered omega-3, you are correct! This essential nutrient provides a

6 Ways to Disconnect from a Connected World

6 Ways to Disconnect from a Connected World 0

Does this sound familiar – you’ve just found an awesome event while scrolling through Facebook, texting your friends, sharing your day on Instagram, checking your emails and binge watching your favourite new TV show? We can’t refute it, digital technology and social media have firmly cemented their places in each of our modern lives.

Is What You Heard About Turmeric True?

Is What You Heard About Turmeric True? 0

In the late 1950s and 60s, it was not uncommon for a daily dose of foul-tasting, fishy smelling liquid to be forced upon sickly children by their grandparents and cited as the cure for everything from arthritis and baldness, to boils and piles.

Cod liver oil consumption was at its peak, simultaneously torturing yet improving the health of children and their families all over the world. In the decades that followed various other natural remedies came in and out of the limelight. Apricot seed kernels, goji berries and coconut oil all enjoyed their glory days – with some developing a near cult following.

However, as time passed and science accumulated (or failed to accumulate), it became clear that these natural remedies weren’t really the ‘cure all’ they were sometimes promoted to be. In recent years, another natural medicine has forged ahead as the latest trendy cure-all taking the population by storm; yet this one has the scientific backing to boot.

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