How to Buy Your Naturopathic Medicines 10% Off RRP

Naturopathic medicines are prescribed by practitioners because they are the most effective, obtain the best results and are the best value for patients.

Based on technical and clinical research, Naturopathic medicines contain only the purest, most effective ingredients, resulting in products with superior quality and efficacy.


Step 1: Create a Patient Login

For HealthMasters to provide you access, contact you when needed and manage your request you need a patient login.

For new visitors, create a new patient login.

For returning patients, sign in to your patient login.


Step 2: Prescriptions

You may upload a copy of your prescription at any time by clicking the 'File Upload' button on your account page, as shown in Figure 1 below.

File Upload On Account
Figure 1. Update your account

Prescriptions are assessed by HealthMasters Naturopath Kevin Tresize ND. You will receive confirmation of your product access request by email.

If you need to update or obtain a prescription, proceed to step 3.


Step 3: Request to Access Naturopathic Medicines

When you are logged in, you may see the form shown below in Figure 2 when attempting to view some products. Please enter your details and click 'Submit Request' to begin the process.
The details you provide here will be used to contact you in order to process your request.

Request to Access Form

Figure 2. Submit your request

Note: If you don't see the form, you may need to disable your ad-blocker.

You should expect a call on the number provided earlier from HealthMasters Naturopath Kevin Tresize ND to obtain more information regarding your request.


Step 4: Request Granted

When you open a product to which you have been granted access, you will now be able to see the price, add it to your cart and view additional details at the bottom of the page.

Product Approved Example

Figure 3. Request to buy Naturopathic Medicines


If you encounter an issue during this process or have some questions regarding your request, please contact us for assistance.


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