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Health is one of our most important assets. The good thing is that a living organism is able to autoregulate. But sometimes it may need support – and that is where Heel naturopathic medicines come in.

In Heel medicines, several active components are selectively combined and become active on multiple targets in the body. This multi-target approach of Heel pharmaceuticals enables the organism to activate its autoregulatory capacity instead of only suppressing the symptoms and signs of an illness.

Heel multi-component medicines are made up of mostly natural ingredients in low concentrations and are therefore well tolerated and have minimal side effects. High standard clinical studies have proven that Heel pharmaceuticals are effective and safe.

Whether Heel drugs are used in humans or in animals, this good safety profile is another reason why millions of doctors and patients put their trust in Heel natural medicines when it comes to restoring health.

Most Known Heel Medicines

Gold Standard in Natural Medicine

Heel medicine is available in a variety of dosage forms: tablets, oral liquids (with or without alcohol), ointments and nasal sprays.

Certain Heel medications require a whole health assessment by a healthcare provider for the best result.

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For more than 50 years, drug quality and safety have been of paramount importance to Heel. In addition to research and development laboratories, Heel has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with high-tech analytical and microbiological labs for testing of source materials, in-progress control of individual production phases, and final control of the finished product.

What began as a visionary idea has now turned into a global pharmaceutical company that is active in 50 countries and employs over 1400 people worldwide. Heel develops, manufactures and distributes natural medicines which have multi-target properties.

Driven by their pioneering approach and by a passion for what they do, Heel is now one of the world’s leading natural medicine companies. Because of its safe and effective medicines, they have become a reliable partner for patients, clinicians, pharmacists and medical-scientific experts around the world. Heel’s sustained international growth is a result of its long-term strategy of commitment and dependability.

Heel Naturopathic Medicines

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