Nutrients to Support Postpartum

Nutrients to Support Preconception, Pregnancy and Postpartum

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utrients to Support Postpartum and Beyond 10% off RRP | HealthMasters Postpartum Nutrients
Nutrients for Child Brain Development 10% off RRP | HealthMasters Child Brain Development Nutrition Support
Choline, omega-3, lutein, iron, zinc, amd vitamin B12 support child brain development. 12, 14,15,16,17,18
Nutrients for Infant Growth 10% off RRP | HealthMasters Infant Growth Support

Postnatal nutrition sustains infant growth and improves childhood outcomes.

Nutrients for Child Gut and Immune Health 10% off RRP | HealthMasters Child Gut and Immune Health Nutrients

The first three years are a critical window for microbiome development influencing future gut and immune health.


Breastfeeding Tip #1 | HealthMasters Postpartum Support
Try and use the first few days after birth to get your position and attachment in a way that is comfortable, pain-free and relaxing for you and baby. This can help problems down the track.
Breastfeeding Tip #2 | HealthMasters postpartum Support 
Be patient and be kind to yourself. Breastfeeding is a skill you and baby are learning together and this takes time and practice. If you are feeling frustrated, stop and try again and if baby is distressed, ask someone
to keep them distracted until you feel more relaxed.
Breastfeeding Tip #3 | HealthMasters Postpartum Support
Let your baby create the pace and try to feed on demand or based on need. You will start to understand your baby's needs and frequent and effective feeding can help you produce enough milk for your baby.
Breastfeeding Tip #4 | HealthMasters Postpartum Support

Look for feeding cues from baby to indicate thye are ready to feed i.e. sucking on hands or tongue, hand movement to mouth, quick eye movement.