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Because ATP Science are innovators at heart who believe in good Gut Health and Nature Knows Best.  ATP Science believe that all health comes from the Gut and ATP Science products are formulated with that in mind.  ATP Science do not use ingredients known to have harmful effects on your gut health and ATP Science only use all-natural colours, flavours and sweeteners. ATP Science also believe that the best is still yet to come.


Hippocrates said “all health starts in the gut”. Modbiotics are the next evolutionary step from probiotics. Modbiotics harness the power of polyphenols to restore balance and optimize gut integrity. This is the foundation of good health and performance. ATP Science are the innovators who brought ATP Science GutRight to the market, a product based on the science of foods that has changed the lives of thousands of people.


ATP Science is internationally known for our NOWAY collagen protein. The collagen that ATP Science use is the one ATP Science believe is currently the best collagen available anywhere in the world. ATP Science believe it so much that we are the largest purchaser of Bodybalance collagen in the Southern Hemisphere. Bodybalance is a specific group of peptides, trademarked with peer reviewed studies showing its effect on decreasing fat mass while increasing lean muscle mass. ATP Science absolutely love Collagen because it is also gut friendly, unlike many dairy or legume based proteins.


Once good gut health is established ATP Science range of products are designed to enhance whatever your health or performance goal is; Muscle gain, fat loss, hormone balance, sleep and recovery, cellular energy, stress. Designed by a team of scientists, not marketers.


These are words you will never hear ATP Science use; Hustle, dominate the industry, spotted a gap in the market….all terms used by slick marketers who create a company using all the google key words. Our company employs world class researchers, naturopaths, clinical dieticians, formulators, lecturers and health professionals.


ATP Science intimately know each of the ingredients used in every one of ATP Science products because ATP Science ARE the manufacturer. Every supplier is vetted and ingredients are tested to meet the ATP Science standard before it is considered for use in any product. ATP Science are an ISO 9001 and HACCP certified facility based in Brisbane Australia sourcing THE HIGHEST QUALITY ingredients from all over the world.

ATP Science 20% off RRP

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ATP Science Glutamine

ATP Science 20% off RRP

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ATP Science GutRight

ATP Science 20% off RRP

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ATP Science GutRight Daily

ATP Science 20% off RRP

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