Orthoplex White Naturopathic Medicines

Orthoplex White Naturopathic Medicines

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"I am impressed with the quality and effectiveness of Orthoplex Naturopathic products. I have recommended Orthoplex Naturopathic products to my patients for over 35 years. Orthoplex products have assisted me in successfully helping many 1000's of patients to better health."

HealthMasters Online Naturopath Kevin Tresize ND

Naturopath Kevin Tresize ND

HealthMasters Online Naturopath

The Orthoplex White range was developed by nutritional biochemist Henry Osieki. Henry is an award-winning biochemist who, after years in clinic, developed the Orthoplex range of Naturopatic products. The Orthoplex range is known for being the first to market with new formulations, incorporating the latest in clinical research.

Since day one, Bio Concepts has been committed to providing the highest quality products, with absolute transparency and disclosure of all excipients, believing every component is important when it comes to effective treatment.

In his clinical years, Henry's approach to treatment plans was that they must always be tailored to the individual. As such, Bio Concepts formulations have always focused on providing the correct dosage for specific biochemical pathways, rather than just delivering the largest dose possible.

Henry has written university courses, several books and scientific papers, and is the founder of the Bio Concepts Education Centre.

Orthoplex White is a practitioner supplement range and should be taken according to the recommendation of a qualified practitioner.

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Orthoplex White Naturopathic Medicines

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