Metagenics Pain and Inflammation Range

Metagenics Pain and Inflammation Range


Anti-inflammatories: Breaking the Self-Perpetuating Cycle

Closely related to the immune response, the inflammatory response is vital to achieve repair and recovery from all manner of insults from infection to physical injury. Usually, this response is self-limiting and includes an active resolution process. This allows the body to assert an inflammatory response, fend off the initial insult and then resolve the inflammation autonomously. However, in sustained inflammatory conditions, this resolution process fails and a self-perpetuating pathology develops.

A Holistic Inflammation Prescription

Inflammatory prescriptions should provide symptomatic relief to improve compliance and make patients feel better while tackling the underlying dysfunction (often an overactive immune system).

Controlling chronic inflammation can have positive outcomes on a variety of factors such as:

  • Targeted magnesium combination:

    Pain is a symptom of inflammation and is often the symptom that drives patients to seek support from a Natural Medicine Practitioner. PainX contains highly bioavailable magnesium combined with corydalis and California poppy to act on various neurotransmitter, nervous and musculoskeletal pathways to reduce pain.
  • Anti-inflammatories:

    The inflammatory cascade shows the various stages of inflammation and demonstrates where herbs and nutrients have positive impact. By prescribing a comprehensive formula that combines these ingredients you can ensure patient compliance, keeping products to a minimum, but still expect to see results.
  • Essential fatty acids:

    Recent research has proven the ability of high potency fish oils to prompt the release of resolvins, an omega-3 metabolite that instructs immune cells to go from pro-inflammatory to anti-inflammatory activity. This promotes the body’s natural ability to restore homeostasis and is a key component of any anti-inflammatory prescription.
  • Localised prescription:

    A tissue specific prescription can provide targeted relief for your patient. Whether your patient needs support for their joints, sinus, gut or skin inflammation, there is a localised prescription to suit their needs.

Metagenics Pain and Inflammation Range

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