Metagenics Classic TCM Naturopathic Medicines

Metagenics Classic TCM Naturopathic Medicines

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Metagenics Classic TCM Concentrated Herbal Capsules for Easy Dosing

Each VegeCap is a high quality and highly concentrated 10:1 herbal extract, containing the equivalent of 5.5 g of dry herb to enable easy, patient friendly dosing for effective clinical results.

1 capsule = 15 pillules = 5.5 grams of Raw Herbs

Metagenics Classic TCM 10% of RRP Capsules, Pillules or Raw Herbs | HealthMasters

Metagenics Classic TCM Clinically Effective and Predictable Results:

  • High quality herb selection, manufacture and testing
  • Improved patient compliance
  • Traditional Chinese Formulas

Metagenics Classic TCM Improve Patient Compliance with Classic TCM Concentrated Capsules:

  • Classic TCM High Strength VegeCaps
  • Capsules are preferred by many patients
  • Easy to swallow
  • Easy and flexible dosing
  • Cost effective
  • No unpleasant taste or texture issues
  • No messy mixing or preparation time involved

Metagenics Classic TCM Naturopathic Medicines

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