Orthoplex Pure Natal Factsheet & Infographic

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Orthoplex Pure Natal delivers an ultra-low excipient and professional preconception, pregnancy and lactation formula, scientifically developed to include the bioavailable and patented L-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate calcium (L-5-MTHF-Ca). L-5-MTHF is the main biologically-active form of Folate found naturally in breast milk and umbilical cord serum.

Orthoplex Pure Natal Indications:

  • Contains nutrients which are required in additional quantities during pregnancy and lactation
  • Contains essential vitamins and minerals to support the healthy growth and development of the baby such as iodine which plays an important role in healthy intellectual development
  • Levomefolic acid (L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate)/Folic acid supports healthy DNA methylation and cell division and therefore supports the healthy growth of baby and child

Orthoplex Pure Natal is part of the Orthoplex White Range

Orthoplex Pure Natal Factsheet - click here

Orthoplex Pure Natal Infographic - click here