Metagenics Cardiovascular & Metabolic Health Range

Metagenics Cardiovascular & Metabolic Health Range

Natural Treatment Options to Support Cardiovascular Wellbeing & Metabolic Health 

It has been shown that approximately 90% of cardiovascular conditions are caused by modifiable factors including obesity, diet and lifestyle, infection, toxicity and stress.1 These areas can also have a significant impact upon metabolic disorders, such as metabolic syndrome and diabetes, and are areas that Natural Medicine Practitioners are expertly placed to improve.

The term cardiovascular disease incorporates conditions and diseases affecting the heart and blood vessels, conditions which are increasingly being considered symptoms of inflammation, insulin resistance, oxidative stress and endothelial dysfunction.2

The term metabolic syndrome describes a combination of symptoms including blood sugar imbalance, insulin resistance, visceral obesity and dyslipidaemia.
The traditional treatment model for cardiovascular and metabolic conditions is to treat the main symptoms – hypertension, dyslipidaemia and dysglycaemia, for example. While this is a crucial role in reducing risk, the causes of disease must also be addressed.

When treating cardiovascular and metabolic patients, there are three key steps: an initial core prescription, full assessment of patient status and a patient specific treatment plan.

For healthy cardiovascular and metabolic health in patients at HealthMasters we use Metagenics cardiovascular and metabolic health products for scientifically proven, validated supplementation.

Naturopath Kevin Tresize ND


Metagenics Cardiovascular & Metabolic Health Range

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